To Students

Let’s be honest about plagiarism ….


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  1. David Bell said,

    October 16, 2009 at 3:45 am

    I am completing my BIT(Soft Eng and Networking) this year. I am an external student studying at USQ. When I say study, I mean STUDY. The opportunity for me to even contemplate cheating ( although I find the idea abhorrent) just doesn’t exist when studying in isolation. I have to know the material, do the take home assignments and then sit the exams (usually closed book) in order to achive a passing grade. I am 47 years old and I study part-time and work full time as an Engineering Officer with a leading engineering consultancy and as such taking short cuts is alien to me. Over the 9 years of my degree program, I have developed a personal discipline in order to make all of this fit into a working week, because I have no choice, otherwise I will fail.

    PjR: David you are clearly after acquiring skills and knowledge, that’s great. Alas many people just want a piece of paper. Part of lecturing is trying to help students toward your position, to be honest a lot of students at every university never make it to this stage. I have been at quite a number of job interviews as a reviewer and these people stand out like a sore thumb, simply ask-
    * What did you do beyond the standard academic program?
    * What part of the course did you like most?
    * Have you done any project work just for your own interest?
    * What was the worst technical problem you faced and how did you solve it?

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