Other Useful Resources

This page holds a  number of useful resources.

Download note:  Many downloadable files have a *.gif extension to solve web blocking problems and you will have to remove the *.gif  extension before use.  To download  right click the item and select “Save Link” or a similar option.  Your browser may only download the link name which is about 50 bytes long.  If this happens then try placing the mouse over the link and wait until a  small window pops up.  In this window right click on the link at the top and then do a Save Link.
After you have downloaded to Windows you may find that Windows has hidden the file extension .gif.  To enable viewing the file extension select the Control Panel,  Folder Options,  select the View tab,  then untick “Hide extensions …”.  The .gif on the end of the files should become visible now,  right click to rename the file and remove the “.gif”.  Say OK to any warning message,  the file now has its proper extension and can be used normally.

Sorry for this complexity but too many network providers have blocks put on any executable or compressed file downloads.

Eclipse+Qt Designer:  this is a great combination and if used properly you can create GUIs in a visual manner with minimal C++ code.   Click here to download an example file.  An article explaining these techniques may be published in Linux Journal.

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